Vivo NEX 2 Rendering Exposed With a Full-Screen Front

Nowadays, most of the latest smartphones come with a full-screen display. This has become a trend, and now various manufacturers are working toward achieving 100% comprehensive screen. Former Apple design director Jony Ive, once said that he wants to see an iPhone that looks like a piece of glass. Chinese manufacturers are always good at replicating and, and the long-lived Vivo NEX 2 has finally got the good news.

Vivo NEX 2

Recently, netizens posted a rendering of a Vivo NEX 2. From the design, it can be easily seen that the upcoming smartphone uses a curved screen design. Its body has no side borders or buttons, and the bottom bezel is very narrow. Moreover, as like Vivo NEX, the next generation NEX 2 is also going to feature a pop-up front camera. Around 100% full-screen design, without any button, will this be the standard for the next generation of full-screen smartphones?

However, according to media reports, Samsung gas recently canceled its project called Full-Display 2.0.  Their developer team has been working on a full-screen phone without any buttons, cuts, or holes. Coincidentally, this is precisely what Vivo is aiming for. The Vivo Nex 2 gets ist design inspired from the Meizu ZERO, which which was previously dead due to the failure of fundraising. With the next NEX model, it seems that the new generation of comprehensive screen design is about to meet you.

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