What Advantages Screen Camera Brings?

This morning, OPPO released the screen camera technology preheating poster to explain some of the advantages of this technology.

According to the official statement, in addition to the full-screen, there will be another useful feature. But they will announce this tomorrow.

In this poster, OPPO interprets what can bring the screen camera technology:

1. A new comprehensive screen solution to optimize the internal structure of the fuselage

2. The whole machine is lighter in weight and provides better grip experience

3. The whole machine is more integrated, has better airtightness and higher quality

Not that long ago, two Chinese tech giants OPPO and Xiaomi demonstrated their own phones with the under-screen camera solution. The industry is looking forward to the real commercial use of this solution. It is widely believed that the development of this technology will push the full-screen to a new height. A

Based on the AMOLED’s self-illumination structure, the display panel does not need to be equipped with a backlight like an LCD. This means that it can be improved by technology to make the thickness of the panel thin enough. When the transmittance of the panel reaches a certain standard, the light passing through the panel is sufficient for imaging the front camera hidden under the panel.

However, before, the transmittance of the panel has always been a headache for panel suppliers. Even a top-notch OLED supplier such as Samsung has had difficulties to provide a mature high-transmission AMOLED panel solution. That’s why the current screen panel is transparent. The rate usually only meets the needs of infrared sensors or proximity sensors. Similar sensors are used in devices such as the Galaxy S10 series and OPPO Find X.


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