What Changes Have Been Made To Samsung Galaxy Fold?

After more than four months, the Samsung Galaxy Fold finally came on the market again. The machine was first sold in South Korea and then landed in the United States, Britain, Germany, France, and other countries. Samsung also said it will offer 5G Galaxy Fold phones in some countries.

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This smartphone, which should have brought great reputation to Samsung and even led the world’s smartphone industry, has become a rather embarrassing product. The reason is that when Samsung first introduced this folding screen smartphone to the world more than four months ago, its screen appeared to have a problem.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Now Samsung has undergone a series of improvements to finally fix the bugs in this product. Let’s take a look at some of the improvements to the new phone.

What happened to the Samsung folding-screen phone?

Before looking at the new phone, let’s review what happened when the Samsung Galaxy Fold first appeared. At that time, Samsung was ready to officially release the product, including the Chinese market, and even the release time was fixed. But there was an accident.

Samsung provided the Galaxy Fold experience machine to domestic and foreign media for review in advance. As a result, many media found that the machine failed after one or two days of use. The surprising point of failure is the screen.

Some media said that they found the screen of the smartphone damaged after removing the protective film. At that time, the main surface of the Galaxy Fold was covered with a protective film. However, it is not a protective film in the traditional sense, but part of the screen structure, which protects the screen from accidental scratches. If the main screen protector is removed or any adhesive is added to it, it may cause damage to the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Some media found that there was a ‘small bump’ at the hinge of the review machine that caused the screen to ‘slightly twist’. The media speculated that there might be a small piece of debris or dust under the bump. And two days after receiving the review machine, the raised area scratched the entire screen.

In this way, the flexible screen that should have become a bright spot has become a drag on the launch of this smartphone. Subsequently, Samsung extended the release time of Galaxy Fold indefinitely until today.

What improvements has Samsung made to Galaxy Fold?

From the above situation, we can see that the main problems of the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding screen phone are the screen and the hinge. The protective layer on the surface of the screen is very easy to mistakenly remove thinking it is the screen film of the phone. It tears it off and causes damage to the screen. The gap of the hinge easily causes foreign matter to enter the screen to cause bulging and damage.

In response to these two problems, Samsung first extended the screen protection layer to the entire screen, which used to be surrounded by edges, just like a film. Now, this protection layer not only expands the coverage but also hides under the border of the smartphone screen. So the overall integrity of the smartphone is stronger. No one will confuse it with a protective film.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

As for the hinge part, the hinges of the phone are now almost completely closed. The small opening is only for the folding needs. In other words, Samsung has reduced the gap of this part as much as possible, and also added accessories on both sides of the hinge to cover the screen.

In addition to the improvement of these two fatal flaws, Samsung also optimized the folding part of the phone. They added a layer of metal to the bottom of the phone screen to connect it to the hinge.

As for the screen crease problem that everyone cares about, it still exists in the new machine. Under the light, you can see the creases on the folded part of the screen. Of course, some people will care about this issue, and some people will think that the impact is not great. It is normal for the screen to appear creased over time.

Overall, this time Samsung’s folding screen phone is more like a final product than an engineering prototype.

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