Xiaomi router AX6000

Wi-Fi 6 Extreme Test Is Available: AX6000 Router Spans The Entire Pitch

Yesterday, Xiaomi officially announced the Xiaomi Mi 11 Wi-Fi 6 extreme test video. As a reminder, Xiaomi Mi 11 that is one of the first products of the company that supports this technology officially went on sale at the end of 2020. On top of that, Mi 11 smartphone sales reach about 350,000 units in 5 minutes exceeding 1.5 billion yuan ($229.6 million).

Xiaomi router AX6000

First of all, Xiaomi launched Wi-Fi 6 enhanced version on December 28, 2020. According to Wi-Fi 6 extreme test, the router can cover an entire football field. So, they located the router in the center of the pitch, and, under the access bandwidth of 800Mbps, the test has achieved the whole football field. It is important to mention that, at the test time, the Mi 11 is matched with the Xiaomi AX6000 router.

As mentioned before, the Mi 11 supports Wi-Fi 6 enhanced version. Hence, it uses 4096QAM encoding technology, so that each data packet can contain more data.

Thus, the Xiaomi router AX6000 has a wireless rate of 6000 megabytes, adopts the “Wi-Fi 6 Enhanced” technology, and 4×4 160MHz high-bandwidth. Besides, it is the first that supports 4K QAM technology, which enables higher transmission data density. That is why the Wi-Fi 6 test showed such high results.

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