Xiaomi 9 VS Honor V20: the same configuration, which one is better to take pictures?

In 2019, more and more mobile phones are the main selling point of “48 million pixels”. Apart from the “pseudo-48 million pixels” model of Samsung GM1, the release of Xiaomi 9 has attracted much attention. And Xiaomi 9 is the same as the Honor V20 released at the end of last year, the main camera IMX 586 model, how do these two flagship cameras take pictures? Today I will come to the honest review.

In terms of parameters, the Honor V20 is equipped with the IMX 586 CMOS, which is currently the highest pixel mobile sensor, 1/2-inch outsole, 0.8μm unit area, and can output 1.6μm 1200 using 4-in-1 pixel technology. Megapixel photos further enhance the latitude of the photo.

Honor V20

Xiaomi 9 is equipped with a rear three camera, the main camera is also a 48 million pixel Sony IMX586, a sub-camera 12 million pixel Samsung S5K3M5 double optical zoom lens, and a 16 million pixel Sony IMX481 wide-angle lens, millet 9 camera default 12 million pixels, The 48 megapixel mode needs to be turned on in the upper right corner option.

Daytime Sample Photo Comparison

By default, the Honor V20 turns on the 12-megapixel mode, which uses 4 pixels as one pixel, increasing the single pixel area and capturing more light for a purer picture. In the daytime environment, the performance of Xiaomi 9 and Glory V20 are good. There are slight differences in color reproduction and white balance. The color of Xiaomi 9 is more yellow and the white balance is warmer. The Honor V20 white balance is relatively cold, and the picture saturation is higher.

Comparison of photos of Xiaomi 9 & Honor V20

Next is a sample photo of the flower, because the weather on the day of shooting is cloudy and foggy, most mobile phones are difficult to take good photos in this scene, Honor V20 automatically recognizes flowers to open automatic AI optimization, Xiaomi 9 also recognizes the scene of flowers And automatically optimize. However, from the proof effect, the Honor V20 has a larger dynamic range, a more aggressive exposure, a higher saturation, and a more pleasing look.

Comparison of photos of Xiaomi 9 & Honor V20

In the big scene during the day, the Xiaomi 9 and the Honor V20 performed very well, the dynamic range of the Honor V20 was larger, and the color of the Xiaomi 9 was warmer.

The comparison of Xiaomi 9 & Honor V20

Under the conditions of sufficient light, open the 48 million pixel mode of Xiaomi 9 and Honor V20 at the same time. Although it is also IMX586 CMOS, see who has a higher resolution? After zooming in on the picture, you can see that the details of the Honor V20 are more. The picture can be accurately read out when the picture is placed at the maximum. The magnifier 9 has been blurred to the point where you need to guess what the word is. HonorV20 The resolution is indeed stronger.

Image enlargement detail comparison

Indoor Sample Photos Comparison

In the indoor light-filled proofs, Xiaomi 9 and Honor V20 performs very well, the saturation of Honor V20 is slightly higher, and the white balance of Xiaomi 9 is warmer. Which one do you prefer?

Indoor sample photos comparison

In this set of sample photos, Xiaomi 9 is still white warmer, Honor V20 is more saturated, and the color is more vivid.

Indoor sample photos comparison

Night Scene and Extreme Low Light Environment Comparison

At night, Xiaomi 9 and Honor V20 simultaneously turn on the night scene mode. The imaging time of the two mobile phones is 3~5 seconds. This mode tests the optimization and tuning of the two algorithms. In the ordinary low light environment, the glory remains highly saturated. The characteristics of degree and high latitude, Xiaomi 9 is still relatively warm.

Night scene comparison

In the extremely low light environment, the difference between Xiaomi 9 and Honor V20 begins to appear. The Honor V20 can shoot a sample with a larger dynamic range. The stone brick road on the ground can also be clearly fed back, and the details of the dark part are more. The details of the Xiaomi 9 are applied. Very serious, the details of the dark part are like “beauty”, the brick texture of the ground is completely invisible.

Extremely low light environment comparison

In this set of photos of the extremely low light environment, the Honor V20 can clearly see the text, and Xiaomi 9 cannot see the text completely.

Extremely low light environment comparison

The Honor V20’s high latitude and high dynamic range in night mode can see more details, but the wood and rabbit images taken by Xiaomi 9 are like “Beautycam” and can’t see the specific texture and details. Honor V20 Can be clearly identified.

Wood images
Rabbit images


Overall, the measured photo level of Xiaomi 9 did not reach my psychological expectations, although this generation of IMX586 CMOS has improved compared to the previous generation of Xiaomi 8, but in terms of tolerance, dynamic range, saturation, resolution, night scene and the extremely low light is not as good as the Honor V20.

Honor V20 & Xiaomi 9

I didn’t know much about the photographic level of the Honor V20. I found that although the Honor V20 is a single camera when taking pictures in most scenes, the optimization of the IMX586 is in place, and the algorithm of the camera is very solid. In the extremely low light, you can shoot so many details of the phone is really rare, the Honor V20’s photo level is beyond my expectation, I suggest you go to the line to actually compare the pictures of these two phones, you will have a different feeling.

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