Xiaomi CC Line To Get The Next Model in 2020

We have been thinking almost all Mi fans like the new CC series smartphones of Xiaomi, but it turns out not so. Say, today, Lei Jun was promoting the new Xiaomi CC9 Meitu phone. Some customers expressed dissatisfaction and wondered when they will see a new and an improved phone from this line. In respond, Xiaomi CEO said the first generation of this line smartphones will be launched on July 2, while the next model will hit the market in 2020.

Particularly, Lei Jun commented, “There will be a special Meitu phone next year, it must be amazing!”

Earlier in 2018, Xiaomi announced that the company and Meitu signed a strategic cooperation agreement on November 19, 2018. According to the agreement, all future Meitu brand smartphones and Meitu’s patents will be given to Xiaomi. In other words, Xiaomi started managing Meitu’s smartphone business in all aspects. And Meitu will get only dividends from the business.

On June 21, Xiaomi officially announced its new smartphone series – Xiaomi CC. The new series is jointly created by Xiaomi and Meitu, and it’s codenamed “Little Fairy”. Many have been thinking Xiaomi will continue the female-centric smartphone strategy. But later the company issued another statement. According to it, there will be the custom variant of the regular phone, namely the ‘”Little Prince” and the “Little Fairy”. It turns out the first generation of the Xiaomi CC line will have a regular variant and custom variants. But still, there is no certain information what the main difference will be between these two. Probably, it’s all about the processor only.


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