Xiaomi CC9 will Lodge Triple-version Mode with a Surprise Effect on One

Among various speculations, finally, the Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has announced triple-version face of their upcoming invention. Lei Jun posted on his Weibo account mentioning how their new flagship series is going to be with Meitu’s star collaboration.

As per the information provided by the CEO, the Mi CC9 will come into 3 different versions – CC9, CC9e, and Mi CC9 Meitu.

Furthermore, the custom edition is the surprising fact of the announcement. It was not supposed to get special version, but finally, it will be there. On the software, Lei Jun has stated more.

Meitu CC9 and CC9 – Tech Specs

It tells Meitu CC9 and CC9 will adopt 100% Meitu technology. It further enhances the selfie and videography. Along with they also have a version to launch with 256 GB ROM and 8 GB of RAM.

Lei Jun further says that the customised version will follow the company’s lines when working alone. It can be the best-selling item when going out for sale. Similarly, the CC9e will be the most basic of the 3 with trimmed hardware. However, the technical specifications are unknown yet.

xiaomi cc9

The CC9 Meitu version will come with flask led along with a selfie camera. It can also implement the light function of the screen to create a selfie, similar to the Google Camera app. Well, we have come to know this fact only because of the image shown by the CEO of the company.

Further, the greatest part will be to see the design, the Meitu company has selected for their CC9 version. The Meitu always risked while selecting on the design. Therefore, we can expect innovative design outside Xiaomi’s remarks.

The Mi CC9 Meitu could get the most popularity and sales in China. We have presented all the data we have about the products. We also hope to get some more information before the launch event on July 2.

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