Xiaomi Clarifies Why Some Models Don’t Come With GMS Pre-Installed

The official Weibo spokesperson of Xiaomi said today that they had noticed recent unclear users and media dissemination and reports, saying that ‘Xiaomi smartphones no longer support GMS’. Xiaomi thinks it is necessary to clarify this situation to avoid false claims.

‘Some of Xiaomi’s Chinese models have pre-installed the GMS service framework, and these models will not be affected. For models that do not have a GMS service framework pre-installed in the system, users will no longer be specifically supported to install the GMS framework by themselves. In the future, we will add more models of GMS systems pre-installed to meet everyone’s needs. The Mi International models will not be affected.’


Today, Zhang Guoquan, director of Xiaomi’s smartphone system software department, said that Google Mobile Services is a resident back-end service developed by Google. Most of Google’s own applications rely on GMS for startup and installation. Non-Google applications will not be affected at all.

The pre-installed GMS will be placed in the super partition (read-only), so that third-party software cannot be modified. If the user installs it by itself, it will be placed in the user partition (read and write). So there is a chance of being hacked. That’s why Google requires all manufacturers to turn off their own entrance to the installation. Even if it is installed by itself, Google will ban it from the server in the future. And of course the pre-installed ones will not affect it. Root is not recommended.

GMS Occupies Too Much Space

The pre-installed Google Mobile Services first needs to occupy 700MB+ of storage space. And the resident background needs to occupy 200MB of memory. It is estimated that most users can understand that if the GMS communication is abnormal, because of the resident memory, it may cause abnormal heating and power consumption. So for the Chinese version, whether it is pre-installed or not is a trade-off based on comprehensive consideration of the storage space/memory/power consumption/performance of the model.

Zhang Guoquan also stated that the Redmi K30 Ultra (equipped with Dimensity 1000+) will consider upgrading the pre-installed GMS later. And all overseas versions will pre-install Google Mobile Services.

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