Xiaomi MI 10

Xiaomi Mi 10 With Snapdragon 870 Will Have Outstanding Sound Quality

Although there is no official announcement but we all know that apart from the Snapdragon 870 –powered Redmi K40, Xiaomi will also release its own model with this chip – the Xiaomi Mi 10 special edition. These handsets are going to provide a flagship-level performance but cost way less than those that come with the Snapdragon 888.

Xiaomi MI 10

This chip is based on a 7-nanometer process. The CPU contains an A77 (3.19GHz) super-large core, three A77 (2.42GHz) large cores and four A55 (1.8GHz) small cores. Other aspects are consistent with the Snapdragon 865 Plus, and for the 5G connectivity, it uses a X55 5G baseband.

Regarding the new version of the Xiaomi Mi 10, recently, a well-known Weibo blogger once again brought some interesting news. he said: Mi fans who pursue external sound quality can look at the new version of the Mi 10, and the symmetrical double-raising experience is better than the double-raising earpiece.

The biggest feature of the new version of Xiaomi Mi 10 is the replacement of the Snapdragon 870 chip and the use of a mold similar to the Mi 10 Ultra. In addition, there is little change in configuration from the old version. The statement clearly says that this time the dual-speaker loudspeaker experience of the new version of Mi 10 has also become better. It seems that the new version of the Xiaomi Mi 10 is still full of integrity in some small details.

Previously, there were network access information for this phone. Overall, it is also a very competitive product.

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