Xiaomi Mi 10T

Xiaomi Mi 10T Doesn’t Sport Flagship Display. But It’s Explained

The Xiaomi Mi 10T went on sale globally at the end of September. According to Techradar, although the Mi 10T does not have a ‘flagship phone’ screen, the reason is ‘very simple.’

The Xiaomi Mi 10T uses a 144Hz refresh rate LCD display instead of AMOLED. In this regard, Xiaomi’s senior product marketing manager Hoang Desjarlais said that price is the main reason. But making these decisions does not only need to consider ‘price’.

Xiaomi Mi 10T

Regarding the reason why the phone uses a flat screen instead of a curved screen, he explained, ‘I’ve done quite a bit of polling and user research on this”, he told us, “60% of users prefer the flat edge, or flat displays.’ Although this is not entirely scientific, this voice is the highest.’

‘I think this is for a variety of reasons, like ease of use – people are dealing with missed touches on the curved display.’ (One of the biggest concerns about curved-edge displays is that people can frequently knock against the curve, accidentally selecting things they didn’t mean to.)

Xiaomi Mi 10T

Regarding the LCD screen instead of AMOLED screen for this machine, he said, ‘It is better to have a high-quality LCD, the best of the best LCD, versus a middling sort of AMOLED,’ Hoang Desjarlais told. And he explained ‘There are issues with AMOLED and certain peoples’ eyes – I think it’s like 10% of the population, when looking at an AMOLED display, experience very heavy eyestrain.’

It is worth mentioning that this number has not been confirmed by any scientific investigation. But we know that some people do experience eye fatigue and other symptoms due to the flickering of the OLED display.

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