Xiaomi Mi 11 Becomes The Most Popular Xiaomi Flagship Among Females

Yesterday, Xiaomi officially announced via Weibo that the Xiaomi Mi 11 has become the flagship series of Xiaomi that has the most purchases by female users in just over a month after its release.

Xiaomi mi 11

Judging from the published poster, according to the statistics of Xiaomi users, the number of female users in Xiaomi’s sales in the first month as increased by nearly three times compared with the previous generation, ranking first in the flagship model of Xiaomi.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 officially went on sale on January 1 this year. As the flagship of 2021, many consumers already waited for the phone before it goes on sale.

At the same time, the Mi 11 also achieved an impressive record of omni-channel sales exceeding 1.5 billion yuan in 5 minutes after its first sale.

In addition to the first launch of Xiaomi Mi 11 sporting the Snapdragon 888 flagship chip, it also comes with the most expensive and best screen in the history of Xiaomi smartphones.


The flagship also supports the DCI-P3 color gamut 2K resolution four-curved flexible screen.

The well-known screen evaluation agency DisplayMate gave the phone’s screen the highest A+ level and refreshed 13 records. Of course, in addition to the excellent top screen, Xiaomi Mi 11 is also powerful in performance.

According to the official introduction, the Mi 11 sporting LPDDR 5 full blood version can reach 6400Mbps in memory speed. To clarify, it is 116% of the previous generation.

Not only that, the phone also released the world’s first enhanced version of WiFi 6. Xiaomi said that the network speed will be increased from the previous generation’s 1.7Gbps to 3.5Gbps. It represents the highest level of mobile WiFi capabilities in 2021.

With the price starting at 3999 yuan ($599) and a series of powerful configurations, netizens call the Mi 11 the “flagship goalkeeper.”

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