Xiaomi Mi 11 Launches Wi-Fi 6 Enhanced Version On December 28

Today, Xiaomi held a conference, where the main topic was the Xiaomi Mi 11 details. The most eye-catching feature of this smartphone is that it will support an enhanced version of WiFi 6.

Xiaomi mi 11

The Chinese giant announced that this enhanced version has several advantages over the previous generation. For example, the bandwidth is twice higher, and the transmission information density increase is 20%. Besides, the final network speed is 2.1 times faster, reaching up to 3.5Gbps. Thus, this fantastic internet speed will form the new 2021 Wi-Fi standard. According to initial information, a 1GB movie on Xiaomi Mi 11 will be available in a few seconds.

Speaking about other advantages, the Xiaomi Mi 11 supports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor. The chip is based on a 5nm process and uses Cortex X1 super core + Cortex A78 core. The smartphone also features a 55W fast charging and a triple rear camera.

Wang Teng, Redmi product director, reported that the Mi 11 is a breakthrough for high-end flagships, and the debut will be a global one. As a reminder, the smartphone will be officially on sale on December 28.

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