Xiaomi Mi 11 Officially Cancelled The Included Charger

Xiaomi announced today that the Xiaomi Mi 11 will use a new packaging. In addition, in response to the call for environmental protection by technology, Mi 11 will cancel the included charger. Correspondingly, since Xiaomi has canceled the charger, there must be a better plan. And whether it is a technological breakthrough or a marketing plan, the specific content will be announced next Monday.

Xiaomi Mi 11 box

The Weibo blogger said that although there is no charger in the box of the Xiaomi Mi 11, it will provide a better solution. At the same time, a photo of the Xiaomi Mi 11 packaging box appeared on the Internet. We can see that there is no charger in the packaging.

In this regard, some users speculate that the Xiaomi Mi 11 will cancel the original charger. But if the user chooses to increase the price when buying a smartphone, such as adding one yuan ($0.15), it can be upgraded to a stronger gallium nitride charger. Though the company will not randomly give the GaN charger, and they will deliver it separately. So, it can respond to the name of environmental protection and save money for users without losing money. It is also worth noting that Xiaomi is the first smartphone manufacturer in China to announce the cancellation of the included charger.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Key Features

According to the previously exposed news, the Mi 11 series will include at least two versions of Mi 11 and Pro version, and will continue to adopt the full-screen solution with hole-punch screens. The Mi 11 uses a hyperboloid screen, and the Pro version uses a 2K quad-curved screen. Both of them supports120Hz refresh rate and also native 10bit color depth display.
Further, judging from the real camera photos of Mi 11 on the Internet, the basic version of the phone uses a blue gradient back shell. And the rear camera layout is a square design with two large sensors and a small sensor above the LED light.

In other aspects, the smartphone uses a small square matrix 2+1 three-camera design. We also expect the Mi 11 Pro to adopt a horizontal matrix camera design. In addition, the Pro version may support 100W super-fast charging. And referring to the previous specifications of Mi 10 Ultra, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro may also support 120W fast charging.
Regarding the performance of Xiaomi 11, the machine has appeared on Geekbench before, sporting the Snapdragon 888 chip announced by Qualcomm this month. In terms of storage, the smartphone has 12GB of storage, runs Android 11, single-core 1135 points, multi-core 3790 points. Of course, the performance is good and meets Qualcomm’s official standards.

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