Xiaomi Mi 11 Supports Multi-Link 5.0 Seamless Switching

Recently, the Xiaomi Mi 11 was officially released. The price is starting at 3,999 yuan. As we know, the Mi 11 is the first smartphone sporting the Snapdragon 888. Moreover, it features a new function of computational photography. However, Xiaomi also released the MIUI 12.5 system at the event.

The Mi 11 smartphone has a thickness of 8.06mm and a weight of 196g. It has delicate frosted glass and a new camera layout design. In addition, it also brings a Tech & Fashion plain leather model, which gives you a soft touch. The Xiaomi Mi 11 also includes white, black, blue, and smoke purple (plain leather) colors.

Zhang Guoquan, director of Xiaomi’s smartphone system software department, said that the Xiaomi Mi 11 has added the seamless switching function of Multi-link 5.0.

Xiaomi Mi 11

Further, Zhang Guoquan stated that when you use your smartphone, you can do voice or video chat, or when you are in the game, you will get stuck for more than 10 seconds (waiting for the network timeout) after a few steps. They have also studied these scenarios with Mi fans, made special analysis, and made improvements on the Mi 11. We can see that this problem has basically got its solution.

Zhang Guoquan added that the completion of switching in milliseconds is basically difficult for users to perceive.

Here are a few scenarios that users gave feedback at that time:
  • Scenario 1: When entering or leaving the WiFi network and switching data;
  • Scenario 2: In the yard, when the WiFi signal is not good (you must thank a rice noodle who lives in a villa. During the epidemic, he often calls on WeChat in the yard. All phones such as iPhone are not working until using our test version);
  • Scenario 3: There are multiple WiFi routers in the company or at home. The technical details of network roaming (regardless of the same name or different names) are more complicated. In fact, the workload is also very large. There are many corner cases to consider, especially for switching speed. So, switch the firmware layer.

Overall review of the Xiaomi Mi 11

The Mi 11 uses a 6.81-inch 2K four-curved AMOLED screen that supports 120Hz refresh rate and 480Hz touch sampling rate. The excitation brightness reaches 900nit, the peak brightness can reach 1500nit. And it also supports primary color screen and 10bit color depth.

This phone is first launched with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 chip. Snapdragon 888 uses a 5nm process. Compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 865 processor, the overall CPU performance is increased by 25%. The power consumption is reduced by 25%. GPU performance is improved by 35% and power consumption is reduced by 20%.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi 11 uses a 100-megapixel main camera with a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 5-megapixel telephoto macro lens. The front lens of the smartphone is 20 million pixels. The smartphone also supports a wide-angle panoramic group photo mode.

In other aspects, the machine includes a 4600mAh battery that also supports 55W wired fast charging, 50W wireless fast charging, and 10W reverse charging. On the other hand, it uses X-axis linear motors and Harman Kardon tuning dual speakers, supporting multi-function NFC and infrared remote control.

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