Xiaomi mi 11

Xiaomi Mi 11 To Come With Gorilla Glass Victus

Today, Lei Jun said that the Xiaomi Mi 11 screen, regardless of cost, has once again broken through. A huge amount of money was spent to customize the screen. So we have every reason to say that the Mi 11 features the best screen ever made by this company. In addition, it may also be the most expensive screen in the industry.

Xiaomi mi 11

At the same time, Xiaomi also stated that Xiaomi Mi 11 screen will be protected by a new generation of Gorilla Glass, namely Victus. Anti-falling and scratch-resistant double breakthroughs make the Mi 11 stand up to a beating and heavy pressure.

Xiaomi Lei Jun also revealed that it has 2 times the scratch resistance and 1.5 times the drop resistance of the previous generation. Such an improvement means that it can better face the complex use environment. On the other hand, it means that you don’t have to be careful every time you use it.

Lei Jun also shared a few Victus limit tests:

1. The anti-drop performance test simulates the accidental drop when we use the smartphone every day. In this test, the competing glass could not even pass the small Mini Slapper test. And Victus was still intact after being hit by the 13 times the energy of the super-large Mega Slapper. Seems like Victus may be the gospel of the handicapped party, and he is not afraid of a small accident.

2. Anti-scratch performance test. In order to avoid unsightly scratches on the screen, everyone is choosing a variety of films. We are thinking whether it is possible to use them without the film. The scratch resistance test of Victus with diamonds shows that the competing glass has already produced obvious scratches under the pressure of 4 Newtons. This is what we often call the “war damage” color. However, after increasing the pressure to 8 Newtons, it still hardly caused any harm to Victus. Victus’s scratch resistance is 4 times that of competing products. So, it brings 4 times the security.

3. Damage resistance test. This is a frightening test. Continuous pressure was applied to the scratched glass, and the competing glass almost shattered upon crushing. After increasing the weight to 100kg, Victus could not be destroyed. Victus’ anti-damage performance is several times better than competing products. And it will not be damaged after long-term use. Expensive screen replacement costs are also saved.


According to the previously exposed news, the Mi 11 series will include at least two versions of Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro and will continue to adopt the full-screen solution with hole-punch screens. The Mi 11 uses a hyperboloid screen, and the Mi 11 Pro uses a 2K quad-curved screen. Both of them supports120Hz refresh rate and also native 10bit color depth display.

Further, judging from the real camera photos of Mi 11 on the Internet, the Mi 11 basic version uses a blue gradient back shell. And the rear camera layout is a square design with two large sensors and a small sensor above the LED light.

In other aspects, Mi 11 uses a small square matrix 2+1 three-camera design, and we also expect the Mi 11 Pro to adopt a horizontal matrix camera design. In addition, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is expected to support 100W super-fast charging, referring to the previous specifications of Mi 10 Ultra, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro may also support 120W fast charging.

Regarding the performance of Xiaomi Mi 11, the machine has appeared on Geekbench before, sporting the Snapdragon 888 chip announced by Qualcomm this month. In terms of storage, the smartphone has 12GB of storage, runs Android 11, single-core 1135 points, multi-core 3790 points. Of course, the performance is good and meets Qualcomm’s official standards.

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