Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro Coming In The Next Weeks

Xiaomi was the first to bring the Snapdragon 855-powered smartphone to the large masses. Though it was not the first to announce it, only this company could provide a sufficient amount of units on the shelves. Now, we are waiting for the second model with this chip. What’s surprising it’s not the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 but the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. This news comes our way from Roland Quandt, who has also revealed some worthy information concerning this handset.

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Roland Quandt revealed that the Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro correspond to the national version of the Redmi K20 and K20 Pro, respectively. The difference is that the former’s logo is replaced by the Xiaomi logo (as shown below).

In terms of core configuration, the Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro use a 6.39-inch screen without bangs, a front-facing 20MP shooter, a rear Sony 48MP + 8MP telephoto + 13MP super wide-angle lenses combination, a battery capacity of 4000mAh, screen fingerprint recognition support and many more.

However, these are obvious differences. Say, the Xiaomi Mi 9T is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 mobile platform, while the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship platform.

It is reported that the two new machines will land in the European market in the next few weeks. Moreover, the Mi 9T and 9T Pro will have the 6GB+128GB version. Other versions still remain unknown.

Xiaomi has been launching cost-effective products for ages. And there is every reason to think these handsets will come under the same policy. But there is still no certain information on how much they will cost. Let’s cross fingers and hope Xiaomi won’t revise its price policy when releasing the Xiaomi Mi 9T and its Pro variant.

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