Xiaomi MIX 4 Factory Panel Leaked In Spy Photos

Xiaomi will hold a new product launch conference on August 10 to launch its flagship product – Xiaomi MIX 4. This will be the return of the series after a lapse of three years. It will come with not only a true full screen but also an under-screen camera.

Today, some Weibo bloggers released spy photos of the factory panel of the Xiaomi MIX 4 allegedly obtained from a friend of the supplier.

Xiaomi MIX 4

It is basically the same as the previous leaks. The new Xiaomi MIX 4 will have three under-screen sensors, namely under-screen camera, under-screen light sensor and under-screen fingerprint. The camera is suspected to be placed in the center of the screen, which is very surprising.

The Xiaomi MIX4 will use a new generation of under-screen camera solution. While taking into account the excellent display effect, it also guarantees the imaging quality of the front camera.

Xiaomi MIX 4

In other aspects, the new Mi MIX 4 will adopt a hyperboloid screen design. The screen frame is extremely narrow, and the overall visual impact of the front has reached a new height.

At the same time, because the under-screen camera technology is still relatively complicated, the screen of Xiaomi MIX 4 may not be able to produce 2K+ resolution. But it will come with a specially customized high-resolution screen that has a better display effect than the general 1080P screens.

Xiaomi MIX 4

In addition, the machine will come with a newly upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus flagship chip. It is one of the first models sporting this processor in the world. It has a built-in 4500mAh large battery and supports 120W wired fast charging and a wireless fast charging of around 80W. It will become the industry’s highest fast charging specification.

The new Xiaomi MIX 4 may meet with you in early August.


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