Xiaomi New Folding Screen Phone Spotted: Cheapest Folding Screen Smartphone

Three manufacturers, Xiaomi, OPPO, and VIVO, will launch their first folding-screen phones this year, all using the foldable screen panels provided by Samsung. Among them, Xiaomi folding screen smartphone will be the first to debut and we expect it to be officially released in the second half of the year.

Xiaomi folding screen smartphone

Today, a well-known blogger revealed that the machine will use the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2-like smartphone with in-fold design. But the main screen does not have any openings. It is a piece of the overall display. Visually, the effect is even better.

The net reveals that the main screen of the Xiaomi folding screen phone has no openings

It is also worth mentioning that the same blogger announced the price information of the folding screen phone in the comments. He said that the phone may become the cheapest folding-screen phone. This also implements Xiaomi’s “always insisting on doing something moving” the core value of “good products with good prices”.

Xiaomi folding screen smartphone

In addition, some users told some time ago that they had seen a device suspected of being a Xiaomi folding screen phone on the subway. According to their published photos, this Xiaomi folding screen phone showed a height consistent with the news. Moreover, it was also running the MIUI 12 system.


According to the picture, the main screen size of this folding screen phone of Xiaomi is larger. After unfolding, the overall size is more like a tablet. And the front does not come with a front camera and sensor openings. Unfortunately, the outside of the phone is covered with a leak-proof protective shell.  Though, we cannot see the specific design of the machine’s screen frame.

In addition to this product, it was also previously reported that Xiaomi may launch three folding screen smartphones this year. It will use three different industrial design forms, including external fold, internal fold and clamshell solutions.

At present, we have not seen any relevant information about Xiaomi’s external folding and flip folding screen phones. But it is certain that this year will be the year of the explosion of domestic folding screen phones. And many domestic manufacturers will further promote folding screen equipment.

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