Xiaomi Phone Patent Shows A Removable Screen And A Body

According to letsgodigital, Xiaomi has applied for a new smartphone design patent to the National Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA) in March this year. The latter approved it today. It seems there is nothing odd with this news because Xiaomi and other companies apply for myriads of patents daily. But the new Xiaomi phone patent has a detachable screen. Sounds interesting, right?

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As we can see, the Xiaomi phone patent consists of two parts – the ‘main component’ body and the ‘detachable component’ screen. Among them, the thickness of the body part is more than twice that of the screen part. So when putting these pieces of puzzle together, it turns into an ordinary smartphone.

Xiaomi phone patent

The patented smartphone adopts a full-screen design and has three rear camera lenses. The bottom of the phone has a USB-C interface and dual speakers. The latter and the side buttons are part of the ‘main component’.

Once the screen is separated from the body, we can find that there are connectors on the ‘main component’. Also, there is a dual-camera for selfies. It is accompanied by a led flash and there are also two ports. This is actually a smartphone with an under-screen camera. Though Xiaomi has proven for a few times that this technology is not mature, surely, we will see it in the nearest future.

Letsgodigital said that when the screen is installed on the body, it will be powered through two connectors. When the two parts are used separately, the screen part can be wirelessly charged through the body.

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