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Xiaomi Redmi Wants To Produce A Mini Phone, But There’s One Difference

If you want a smaller or mini phone, Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone SE 2020, and Google Pixel 5 are the best choices. Most modern smartphones have screen sizes that are far more than 6 inches.

Xiaomi is no exception in this regard, as almost all its smartphones that released in 2020 will use 6.4-inch or larger screens.

Lu Weibing’s Announcement on Weibo

Recently, Redmi general manager and Xiaomi executive Lu Weibing hinted on Weibo that Redmi is considering launching a mini smartphone. Lu Weibing said on Weibo: “Redmi wants a mini phone, but the battery capacity/battery life will be sacrificed a lot…”

Naturally, smaller smartphones mean less space to accommodate the battery. We understand that it is for this reason that the battery capacity of iPhone SE 2020, Pixel 4a, and Sony’s old Compact phones are also relatively small. These phones usually rely on software optimization to get more battery life. However, battery degradation tends to be more keenly felt with a smaller battery. So this is another challenge to overcome even if software optimization does the trick. Furthermore, the transition to power-hungry 5G means that a larger battery is more important than ever.

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Nevertheless, for manufacturers who want to make smaller phones, there is another option to increase the thickness of the device. In this way, although the ultra-thin design is sacrificed, at least battery life will not be sacrificed too much.

Are you willing to sacrifice battery life in exchange for a smartphone with a smaller screen?

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