Xiaomi To Re-Launch Redmi Note 8 In Selected Markets

GSMArena reported that Xiaomi plans to re-launch the Redmi Note 8 phone, which was launched two years ago, in some markets, such as Europe.

The well-known Xiaomi whistleblower @Kacper Skrzypek claimed that Xiaomi is seeking to re-sell its 2-year-old Redmi Note 8 smartphone in specific markets. The FCC listing review document confirms this statement. The model of this smartphone that Xiaomi recently reviewed is M1908C3JGG, which is corresponds to the Redmi Note 8 (2021).

Redmi Note 8

This phone is confirmed to come with a MediaTek Helio G85 chip, a built-in 4000mAh battery, and run MIUI 12.5. The Redmi Note 8 2019 was powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 but the same 4000mAh battery.

In addition, @Xiaomiui also affirmed this and provided more details. He said that the upcoming Redmi Note 8 will support 22.5W fast charging (the old Note 8 supports 18W charging) and the rear quad-camera will use a 48MP main sensors. Also, the phone will have a 128GB storage.

There have been rumors that the phone will be launched in some markets. Some whistleblowers said it will include the European Union and Russia.

In fact, the Redmi Note 8 has been a very popular smartphone. Last year, Xiaomi announced it shipped 30 million units. Lu Weibing said that the sales of the Redmi Note 8 Little King Kong series exceeded 1 million units in the first month. Moreover, 5 million units were sold in 2 months, and 10 million units in 3 months. It was achieved two months ahead of the Note 7 series; 5 months sales exceeded 20 million units. According to Canalys’ statistics of the global smartphone sales rankings for the fourth quarter of 2019, the Note 8 series is the only model among Chinese manufacturers.

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