Xiaomi’s New Design Patent Shows Solar Battery Backplane

Recently, Xiaomi applied for a smartphone design patent, which shows that they may be developing a smartphone with a solar battery backplane. The patent was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) as early as July 27, 2018.

In the patent design, we can see that the front of the phone is almost fully occupied by the screen. There is no opening for the front camera. This may be in line with Xiaomi’s demonstration of its own on-screen camera technology. On the back of the phone, the most eye-catching is the large solar battery backplane. This backplane accounts for almost two-thirds of the entire back cover area.

Since the very first day of making smartphones, all users are concerned about the endurance of their handsets. The addition of a solar backplane to smartphones is not only environmentally friendly but may also extend the usage time. However, Xiaomi is not the first smartphone manufacturer to come in with such an approach.

Samsung has released two smartphones with solar battery backplanes in 2009 – the Samsung Guru E1107 and the Samsung Blue Earth S7550.

LG also released a smartphone called Pop GD510 in 2010. But additional solar battery accessories are required. According to the data at the time, the 11 minutes of illumination allows you to increase the talk time by 3 minutes. It is still possible as emergency use.

We don’t know where the solar cell technology is going, but one thing is clear – the smartphone screen is getting bigger and the performance is stronger. So maybe the solar backplane may save the situation.


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