Xiaomi’s Next Folding Screen Smartphone To Sport High Refresh Rate On Both Displays

As a well-known Weibo tipster proves, the engineering machine of Xiaomi’s new folding screen smartphone J18s has begun to test high-refresh rate scenes. Both the internal and external screens will support a high refresh rate of 90/120Hz. The model of Xiaomi’s folding screen smartphone MIX FOLD is M2011J18C, and the internal code is J18. The J18s mentioned by the blogger should refer to the next-generation new smartphone of the Xiaomi MIX FOLD series.


Xiaomi has developed a foldable product code-named “ARGO” before. Many believe that this may be Xiaomi’s first model to provide an under-screen camera. The whistleblower @Xiaomiui claimed that ARGO and J18S are the same device. This means that Xiaomi’s next foldable phone will be equipped with an under-screen camera. Combined with the previous news, the rear camera will use a 108MP main camera + 3x liquid lens + ultra-wide image combination. The front camera will use the most advanced sunder-screen camera program.

According to reports, Xiaomi’s third-generation under-screen camera technology adopts a new self-developed pixel arrangement and a redesigned pixel drive circuit. It can further improve the light transmittance of the front-facing part of the screen. Due to the camera optimization algorithmthe shooting effect of the camera under the screen is basically the same as that of the conventional front shot.

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In terms of the release time, Samsung’s new folding screen Galaxy Z Fold 3 is likely to be released in August this year. So we guess the manufacturer will release this new phone in mid-to-late August at the earliest.

However, the next folding screen smartphone of the company may come with a quite different name. As you know, recently, Xiaomi’s application for registering the MIX trademark was rejected.

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