Zhao Ming Said Honor Will Launch A Super Flagship

On December 16, on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of Honor, the management team of Honor spoke to global users and partners for the first time. In the letter, New Honor expressed its gratitude to users and partners. At the same time he stated that Honor has started a new journey and new products will soon meet with the public.

In accordance with the pace of the glory of the machine, this new product should be the Honor V40 series. It is reported that the new Honor V40 series has been launched recently. As the first show of the new Honor, this product will undoubtedly attract attention.


On November 17 this year, Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd., jointly invested and established by Shenzhen Smart City Technology Development Group and more than 30 Honor agents and distributors, announced the signing of an acquisition agreement with Huawei to complete the acquisition of the Honor brand. With the comprehensive acquisition of business assets, New Honor was born.

After independence, Honor is expected to usher in a turning point in its core supply chain. Prior to this, An Meng, president of Qualcomm, said in an interview with the media that he had already started some dialogues with Honor. Obtaining high-end chip supply support will not only help Honor to further explore the high-end market. But it also helps Honor to expand in the global market.

At the same time, the Honoe channel is constantly increasing. Looking back on the past two years, Honor’s channel strategy is very clear. That is, while ensuring its online dominant position, it continues to expand its offline channels to reach all levels of markets including counties and townships. According to Tencent reports, New Honor held its first strategic internal meeting not long ago, stating that it will continue to expand offline channels in the next step. It is understood that since September, a number of glory stores have opened across the country. It covers many cities.

In terms of products, it is foreseeable that Honor will get rid of the previous dual-brand restrictions of Huawei. There is no need to worry about competition with brother brands. In smartphones and many IoT categories, it can fully impact the higher-end market. This afternoon, Honor held a fan forum. Zhao Ming said that Honor will launch a super flagship in the future. Honor will also have the Honor “mate and P” series. Honor will take the path of technological development belonging to Honor and the direction of technological evolution. In addition, Honor will expand from its previous targeting of young users to meet the needs of various users. This change in positioning will also help Honor extend to more diverse markets and further expand its share.

It is worth mentioning that, despite major changes this year, the new Honor still has a strong user base. This morning, Glory fans from all over the world gathered in Shenye Midtown, Shenzhen, the global headquarters building of the new Honor in the future. They climbed to the top to celebrate their birthday. As a brand that started with Internet smartphones, Honor has always maintained close contact and in-depth interaction with users. So, it has a broad user base.

New Honor has set a new market target for itself, and it will launch an impact on China’s No. 1 market. According to the “Science Innovation Board Daily” report, Honor Terminal plans to ship more than 100 million units in 2021. The advantages of technology, the increase in channels, and the unrestricted product positioning, coupled with this year’s changes provide a broader market space, its own reserves and market opportunities, so that the new glory has more confidence to launch an impact on China’s first.

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