ZTE S30 Pro To Sport 44MP Front Camera

A few years ago, when the US – China trade war was gaining momentum, ZTE appeared in the same situation as Huawei. But this manufacturer could manage the situation. If you remember, ZTE paid over $2.3 billion to U.S. exporters. This was a peculiar fee allowing ZTE to continue making smartphones that use American hardware and software. ZTE could avoid bans, but this made the company lag behind for several years. In the past few years, we didn’t see any game-changer smartphone but the ZTE Axon 20. The latter is the world’s first smartphone using an under-screen camera, a technology that is still unreachable for Samsung, Apple, and other major vendors. Now, it seems this Chinese first-tier smartphone maker is going to make up for lost time. Recently, it announced about the new S series. And today, we learned that the new ZTE S line will focus on selfies.

ZTE S30 Pro

Today, the company officially announced that the first ZTE S series will be named the ZTE S30 Pro. It comes with the slogan ‘You shine more’. At the same time, we got the first promo poster, which discloses some interesting features of this phone.

As we can see, the phone carries a rear-mounted matrix-style quad-camera. It includes a 64-megapixel main camera lens with a blue powder gradient effect. The latter symbolizes the ‘sea’. The matte surface on the camera module symbolizes the ‘stars’.

Well, all these are not as interesting as the news concerning its front camera. It turns out the ZTE S30 Pro will feature a 44-megapixel front lens. This is quite rare in the smartphone market. In this regard, we can recall the OPPO Reno 3 Pro with a 44MP +2MP dual punch-hole selfie camera as well as the Vivo V20 Pro with a 44MP + 8MP front shooter.

Apart from the high-resolution selfie camera, the ZTE S30 Pro can also boast of a 144Hz refresh rate OLED display.

Prior to this, ZTE announced that its terminal business will fully return to the domestic 2C market in 2021. ZTE hopes to create a brand new image of recognizable technology, quality, and youthful ZTE smartphones. In this regard, the ZTE S30 Pro can be taken as the first attempt for reaching the goal.

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