Apple WatchOS 6.1.1

Apple Watch Series 7 To Support Blood Glucose Testing

According to Korean media ETNews, the Apple Watch Series 7 plans to monitor blood glucose through optical sensors.

As we all know, blood glucose level monitoring plays a vital role in preventing and controlling diabetes and other diseases. The ability to observe any major increases or decreases in blood glucose may raise awareness of a potential health condition. In other words, it can simply help to improve a user’s diet. But currently, measuring blood glucose requires the use of professional equipment such as blood glucose meters or implantable blood glucose monitors.

Apple WatchOS 6.1.1

Korean media first praised the blood sugar function of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. After what, they mentioned that Apple also plans to use optical sensors to bring blood glucose monitoring into the upcoming Watch Series 7.

Glucose monitor connected to Apple Watch

Rumors suggest that Apple is thinking about adding blood glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch for some time. The company reportedly established a team of biomedical engineers and consultants specifically working on sensors for non-invasively monitoring blood sugar levels in 2017, and work on the sensor reportedly progressed to trials at clinical sites in the San Francisco Bay Area. Apple CEO Tim Cook has even been spotted testing what seems to be a prototype glucose monitor connected to his Apple Watch.

Further, the company has a commitment to “ensure technical reliability and stability before commercialization”. The industry believes that the optical sensor designed by Apple can achieve continuous monitoring without the need for implanted skin.

The Apple Watch Series 7 may arrive later this year. But there have been few rumors around what the new models may feature. There have been reports that the new Apple Watch will use a microLED display with tactile feedback and solid-state buttons. But Apple Watch Series 7 is still unable to determine whether it supports it.

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