Amazfit Ares

Huami Announces Amazfit Ares Sports Smartwatch At 499 Yuan ($70)

On May 19, Huami Technology officially released the new smartwatch, namely the Amazfit Ares. As a new member of the outdoor smartwatch series, it adopts an outdoor sports style design, supports 70 sports modes, and comes with FIRSTBEAT professional sports analysis.

The Amazfit Ares has two colors of rock black and army green. It costs 499 yuan. It is now available for pre-sale in Tmall Amazfit flagship store, Jingdong Amazfit flagship store, Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Huami Technology Micro Mall. And the watch will ship on June 1.


As the second outdoor smartwatch launched by Huami Technology after the Amazfit T-Rex, the Amazfit Ares continues the series of outdoor design concepts in appearance. Unlike the non-round and square solution of smartwatches on the market, the Amazfit Ares adopts an octagonal innovative design. The overall lines are tough and dynamic. It is equipped with a soft and comfortable silicone strap to help users easily face outdoor challenges.

Due to the innovative design, the Amazfit Ares sports a 1.28-inch square reflective colorful display. The stronger the outdoor light, the clearer the screen display. In addition, the dial comes with the Corning Gorilla Glass. It is wear-resistant and drop-resistant to meet the daily sports needs of consumers.

The Amazfit Ares has a water resistance rating of 50 meters and supports up to 70 sports modes, covering a variety of sports categories including walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, fighting, and ball games.

Features and Functions

At the same time, the Amazfit Ares can monitor and record 40 key sports indicators such as heart rate, speed and altitude during exercise. Every exercise, every progress and every effort can be clearly captured.

In addition, the Amazfit Ares has a built-in FIRSTBEAT algorithm selected by many professional sports teams. It can provide a variety of professional data such as maximum oxygen uptake VO2max, complete recovery time, exercise load (TL), exercise effect (TE), etc. To help users better improve exercise levels and avoid injuries caused by excessive exercise.

Amazfit Ares

The watch supports GPS + GLONASS double-star positioning system. So the Amazfit Ares can accurately record the running track of running or cycling, and also has a built-in barometer. So various information such as altitude can also be displayed on the watch.


At the hardware level, the Amazfit Ares is equipped with a BioTracker™ PPG bio-tracking optical sensor independently developed by Huami Technology. It can accurately monitor heart rate during exercise, understand exercise status, and avoid exercise risks such as excessive heart rate.

Moreover, the watch still supports 24-hour daily heart rate monitoring. But it also has health functions such as sleep monitoring and sedentary reminders, which effectively help users develop good health habits.

At the same time, the Amazfit Ares also sports huami-PAI™ health assessment system. It can digitally present the health status of the body.

In terms of battery life, in daily use mode, the Amazfit Ares can provide 14 days of battery life. If you maintain the basic watch mode, the Amazfit Ares can achieve 90 days without charging. Even in the scene that requires continuous GPS work, the watch can still guarantee 23 hours of battery life.

In daily applications, the Amazfit Ares has built-in Alipay offline payment, notification reminder, weather query, music control, and other common functions.

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