Mi Noise Cancelling Headphone Pro Hardware And Software Specs Revealed

The Mi Noise Cancelling Headphone Pro (FlipBuds Pro) will be officially released tomorrow. This product has a black shell, supports the aptX adaptive protocol, and provides an active noise reduction capability of up to 40dB. Today, Xiaomi officially released a poster, revealing the structure of this headset 11mm super linear dynamic unit.

We can see that the diaphragm dome area of ​​this moving coil unit is large without embossing. The coil of the loudspeaker does not use a coil with a circular cross-section, but a flat wire. This method can be seen in some audio speakers, which helps to improve the energy conversion efficiency and reduce the weight of the coil.

In addition to the different coil structure, there are two sets of metal ring components of different materials under the diaphragm. But we don’t know what functions they will have.

The manufacturer said that this headset “will reach the industry’s first-class level in terms of noise reduction, sound quality, and craftsmanship.”

Apart from this, the vice president of Xiaomi Group Chang Cheng released some screenshots of the pairing application of this headset. They reveal some functions of the headset.

The screenshots show that the Mi Noise Cancelling Headphone Pro can switch between transparent mode and noise reduction mode, and supports the search function (search by playing the ringtone on the earphone). Of course, most of the current true wireless headsets support gesture operation functions. Song switching and noise reduction control can be performed by pressing the headset shell.

In addition, the Mi Noise Cancelling Headphone Pro also supports earplug fit detection. It can better provide different users with more suitable noise reduction solutions. In addition, the headset also supports the selection of different codecs, including AAC and SBC.

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