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No Fear Of Winds: ZMI PurPods Pro Joins The Noise Reduction Mode

When using noise-reducing headphones, some users usually think that the sound of wind will disturb the noise-reduction effect. A few days ago, ZMI officially announced on Weibo that the ZMI PurPods Pro has supported wind noise reduction mode. Thus, you can find the “wind noise reduction” entry on the homepage updating the headset and XiaoAi APP simultaneously.

The ZMI PurPods Pro adopts dual active noise reduction technology of feedforward and feedback microphones. This can effectively eliminate excess noise in the external environment and ear canal since it supports a 35dB noise reduction depth. On top of that, the ZMI machine also provides a transparent mode, which allows you to listen without taking off the headphones. So, this mode makes it convenient for users to communicate with friends daily.

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In addition, the ZMI PurPods Pro also sports a 3-microphone call noise reduction algorithm, which eliminates background environmental noise and accurately picks up call sounds. Therefore, you can maintain a clear call effect even in the commute or noisy outdoors.

Speaking about battery life, the headset has a single battery life of up to 10 hours. So, you can use it with a charging box to play for up to 32 hours. Besides, the device supports fast flash charging, which can charge up to 50% of the headset in 15 minutes.

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