Redmi Bracelet Changes Rules of Game, It costs 95 Yuan Only

Recently, Xiaomi released the Redmi brand’s first smart wearable product – Redmi bracelet.

As the fifth smart bracelet launched by Xiaomi, the Redmi bracelet uses a 1.08-inch large-screen color display, has 14 days of long battery life, supports professional sports and health monitoring, calls, WeChat reminders, and Alipay offline payment, smartphone music playback control, and other functions.

Redmi bracelet

This product has also achieved the ultimate price-performance ratio of the Redmi brand. The crowdfunding price is only 95 yuan ($13.5), which pulls the large-screen color display bracelet to a price of less than one hundred yuan.

Screen and more

Unlike from the relatively rounded appearance of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the shape of Redmi Bracelet is tougher. On the front, it carries a 1.08-inch TFT color screen with vivid colors and adjustable brightness.

Redmi bracelet

Users can receive timely reminders of incoming calls, WeChat, QQ, SMS, etc. through the bracelet, and grab WeChat red envelopes as soon as possible. The screen can be brightened by lifting the wrist, and the screen can be locked by gently tapping the palm of the hand.

Unlike the Xiaomi Mi Band, the Redmi bracelet is changed to an integrated quick-disconnect USB in-line charging method. So no power adapter is required anymore. Remove the wrist strap and plug it into the USB port to recharge. It takes 2 hours to fully charge and use for up to 14 days.

Redmi bracelet

The quick-release design of the four-color colorful wristband also allows users to easily change colors and mix and match fashion.

In addition, the Redmi bracelet also supports 5ATM professional-grade waterproofing. So you can wear it in rain, when swimming in the pool, and other scenarios.

Redmi Bracelet Sports and health monitoring

In terms of sports, the Redmi bracelet supports 5 sports modes. They include running, walking, cycling, indoor running and exercising. Among them, running, cycling and walking support the Xiaomi wearable app connection to the phone to record the movement track, display the distance, real-time speed, heart rate, heart rate interval, etc. At the same time, it supports heart rate interval reminder and speed reminder. Users can set daily calorie consumption and step goals and reminders.

Redmi bracelet

As for health monitoring, the Redmi bracelet supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring, including static, dynamic, and all-day heart rate monitoring. You can instantly check your heart rate and perform high heart rate warning.

It also supports nighttime sleep monitoring. Thus, it can accurately record sleep time and help record sleep quality. You can see various data through the Xiaomi wearable app and conduct scientific sleep analysis. The Redmi band also adds a sedentary reminder function. When sedentary in the office, the bracelet will gently vibrate to remind the user to get active.

Redmi bracelet

As a large-screen color display bracelet, the Redmi bracelet will support as many as 70+ personalized dials.

Offline payments

In addition, the Redmi bracelet also supports Alipay offline payment. Without having to rely on a smartphone, you can easily scan the code by sliding the wrist to the left and swiping the screen. It can also control the music playback of the smartphone, and can freely switch between play / pause / previous / next, control the volume, and make it easier to use during exercise.

At the same time, the search for phones, weather and air quality forecasts, alarm clock reminders and other practical small functions are also available on the Redmi bracelet.

The official price of this Redmi bracelet is 99 yuan, and the crowdfunding price is 95 yuan. It will be launched at 0:00 on April 9 in the Xiaomi mall.

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