Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro To Support Industry’s Highest 40dB Active Noise Reduction

Recently, Xiaomi officially announced the FlipBuds Pro flagship headset. This phone not only supports the flagship level of noise reduction system, but also changes the usual design. This morning, Xiaomi Smart Life officially announced the real photo of the FlipBuds Pro headset. We see that it will adopt an ergonomic structure similar to Apple AirPods Pro, and the overall appearance is also very similar. But it is more textured. In order to create an exquisite mirror finish, the manufacturer also adopted advanced high-gloss nano-NCVM coating technology.

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro

Combined with the appearance of the charging box, the FlipBuds Pro adopts a ceramic-like design as a whole. The whole body adopts curved lines, which is visually moist and jade-like. It also adopts an all-in-ear design. Xiaomi customized an 11mm super linear dynamic coil for it. Also, it built a professional-grade full anechoic chamber and acoustic laboratory for fine tuning. The cost of the full anechoic chamber alone has reached tens of millions of yuan.

In addition, the company also revealed the configuration of the machine for the first time. The FlipBuds Pro will support 40dB active noise reduction, which is the top specification of noise reduction wireless headphones. It can effectively isolate the noise in the environment and bring more pure sound quality. Wearing it can get a listening experience like being in a concert hall.

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro

The Air 2 Pro noise-canceling headphones launched by Xiaomi before support 35dB hybrid noise reduction. This specification has reached the industry’s first camp standard. The FlipBuds Pro is obviously better than the Air 2 Pro. We can say that the Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Headphone Pro is a pioneer product designed for the high-end market.

It is worth mentioning that the FlipBuds Pro is also expected to inherit the Xiaoai function.

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