Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Headphones Air 2 Pro Went On Sale

Today, the Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Headphones Air 2 Pro went on sale, priced at 699 yuan ($104).

The Xiaomi Mi Noise Canceling Headphones Air 2 Pro supports broadband active noise reduction. it provides up to 35dB of mixed noise reduction. Also, it supports three-microphone noise reduction. Adding an independent microphone in the ear can accurately capture the pure sound in the ear canal, even when talking outdoors. It also supports transparent mode. Open the transparent mode, and you can hear the ambient sound clearly without taking off the headset.

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Moreover, the Xiaomi MI Noise Cancelling Headphones Air 2 Pro is professionally tuned by a Grammy master. Luca Biggardi, a world-class musician who has won 4 Grammy Awards, personally tuned it for its independent unit. While taking into account the low distortion of the whole frequency band, it deeply combines the characteristics of human hearing and preferences to bring natural balance and no lack of real and delicate listening experience. The headset uses a high-rigidity LCP liquid crystal composite diaphragm and a 12mm large-size moving coil, as well as an open three-frequency, sensitive transient response, and many more.

Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Headphones Air 2 Pro

Our protagonist has also reached a cooperation with NetEase Cloud Music. So it comes with a deep adaptation for the NetEase Cloud Music App. In the device adaptation of ‘Whale Cloud Sound’, you can choose Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air 2 Pro to achieve a better listening experience.

Special Features

Xiaomi’s true wireless Bluetooth headset Air 2 Pro still supports voice control by Xiao Ai. When the user needs to pause the song by voice, increase the volume, query the route, set the alarm clock, or make a call, they only need to tap the left earphone twice or say the wake-up word ‘Xiao Ai’ to avoid taking out the phone Instructions.

The Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air 2 Pro uses ceramic touch keys. By tapping and long pressing the ceramic back cover of the headset, you can make calls, switch the noise reduction mode, play/pause audio, and wake up Xiao Ai. With the infrared sensor, the headset will automatically pause when it is removed, and it will continue to play when worn again. According to the needs of different wearers, the Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air 2 Pro also provides four types of silicone earmuffs.

The Xiaomi True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Air 2 Pro has a battery life of up to 7 hours. But with the charging box, it can provide up to 28 hours of battery life.

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