Sony Releases Wireless In-Ear Subwoofer Headset WI-XB400

Sony officially released the wireless headset stereo headset WH-CH510. In addition to the wireless in-ear subwoofer headset WI-XB400 also unveiled.


▲Source: Sony China

WI-XB400 is Sony’s first neck-mounted subwoofer with rhythm response control. It uses 12mm moving coil unit and EXTRA BASS tuning technology to support Bluetooth 5.0 connection and intelligent voice assistant. The official said that it can be played for the longest time after full charge. 15 hours, charging for 10 minutes can play for about 60 minutes.

WI-XB400 earphones use magnetic earplugs, weighing about 21 grams, with blue and black color matching. Support three-button wire control, equipped with multi-function buttons, one-touch hands-free calling, double-click to access smart phone voice assistant, priced at 399 yuan .

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