South Korea Confirmed Removal From Japan Export Whitelist

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the Japanese government passed a new version of the “Export Trade Management Order”. At the recently held cabinet meeting.  This also suggests that South Korea was eliminated from Japan’s whitelist of export processes.

According to the latest version of this”Export Trade Management Order”. It will probably to be sign by with the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Shigeo Hiroshi. Along with the registering and closing promulgation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. This Export Trade Management Order will be effective 21 days after. Japan expects to issue a new variant of the Export Trade Management Order next week. And will take effect whenever possible after this month.

The Japanese authorities announced previously that it has embraced strict export control steps for OLED panels and semiconductor raw materials. Which includes fluorinated polyimides, photoresists, and high-purity hydrogen peroxide exported to South Korea since July 4. At the same time, there are reports that the Japanese government intends to formally opt to strengthen the management of Korean exports of semiconductor materials in the cabinet meeting on August 2. Eliminating South Korea in the so-called export”white list.”

Recently, the South Korean side has also introduced related activities on this issue. Samsung’s vice president Li Zaiyu has hurried to Japan a few times last month to maintain consultations with relevant parties on related problems. Hold discussions, and the two sides still haven’t reached a consensus. Later in the afternoon, some Korean press said the assembly was a”empty return” talk. Subsequently, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Jinghe also hinted that South Korea will consider terminating the “Korean-Japanese Military Intelligence Protection Agreement” after the talks.  The passing of this new variant of this Export Trade Management Order now appears to be a”reaction” from Japan.

This also signals that the trade warfare between the two nations will further deteriorate. The future leadership of Japan and South Korea will probably be “fuzzy”. This will also create a new form of trade warfare is already inescapable.

If Japan eliminates South Korea in the white list. It will have a massive effect on South Korea’s big technology firms (like Samsung). It might even alter the manufacturing and development as well as future pricing of several new digital products. Based on Korean press reports, following Japan eliminated South Korea in the white record. There’ll be around 1,100 types of products which can’t delight in the fast and simplified export procedures. Such as high-tech materials, electronics, IT equipmentand machine tools, etc.. It’s critical to even utilize the”lifeline” to describe substances that can’t be overemphasized. In the brief term, it seemingly has no impact. However, at the long term, the effect will slowly grow, and the last payment for these effects will be international customers.

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