South Korean Government Urges Japan To Withdraw Measures To Remove Whitelists Immediately

The South Korean Foreign Ministry expressed strong protests on August 7 for Japan’s latest Export Trade Management. According to the new amendments South Korean will be removed from Japnese white-list for export. Regrettably, I urge Japan to immediately withdraw the white-list removal measures and resolve the issue through dialogue. The relevant person of the Japanese government said,the new rules will not have much impact on them.

The Japanese government passed a new variant of the Export Trade Management Order in the current cabinet meeting. The latest version of this”Export Trade Management Order” will probably have to be sign with the Japanese Minister of Economy, Shigeo Hiroyuki. Along with the registering of this Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as well as the Last promulgation. The new variant of this Export Trade Management Order will come into effect 21 days afterward. Now, official statements on the bulletin board of the National Printing Bureau at Tokyo’s interface area. And also the new government arrangement was formally declare to exclude South Korea. In the”white list” of trade preferences and strengthen export controls.

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