Mijia Sports Cardiogram T-shirt Officially Went On Sale At 299 yuan ($44)

After one month of crowdfunding, the Mijia Sports Cardiogram T-shirt was officially launched on Xiaomi Mall, priced at 299 yuan ($44). The biggest feature of the Mijia Sports ECG T-shirt is that it has a built-in ‘ECG Bean’ that can monitor heart rate in real time.

Since August 5, the Mijia Sports Cardiogram T-shirt started crowdfunding on Xiaomi Mall, and finally received support from 12,000 people. The design is similar to traditional sports T-shirts. It adopts a seamless integrated weaving process, which is tightly wrapped to provide strong support for the muscles. The strong elasticity helps to stretch during exercise.

The Mijia Sports ECG T-shirt is equipped with a sensor ‘ECG Bean’ on the chest of the user. It can monitor the micro current signal generated by the human body during the exercise. After the micro current signal is captured by the COTECH sensor fiber, ECG beans can directly obtain the heart rate value. It can be measured more accurately than traditional optical sensor detection methods. Real-time ECG can be output in 60 seconds, and the sampling rate per second has reached 250 times.

Mijia Sports Cardiogram T-shirt

This ‘ECG Bean’ looks exactly like the previous generation of the Xiaomi Mi Band, with a circle of lights in the middle. It can display different colors in different heart rate intervals. So you can intuitively see the state of your exercise: warm up, burn fat, gain muscle. Among them, the ECG bean has a built-in battery and an attached charging board. You should remove the ECG bean when washing clothes.

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