No. 9 Electric Scooter F25 Released: 10-Inch Big Tires, 1599 Yuan ($240)

The No. 9 electric scooter F25 is now on the shelves, coming with 10-inch large tires. The initial price is 1599 yuan ($240). Seems like this product is going to become another hot-seller.

The No. 9 electric scooter F25 uses 10-inch high-elastic tires. So, they are comfortable and durable as well as come with anti-skid and shock-absorbing features. In comparison, the high-end Ninebot electric scooter E25 uses 9-inch high-elastic run-flat tires. The company said that its inflation rate has increased by 16%. Its durability has increased by 12%, and its durability has increased by 10%. The tire surface adopts a water-breaking and non-slip design to avoid slipping on wet roads.

In terms of power, the No. 9 electric scooter F25 uses a brushless motor with a lifespan of 3000 hours. It is a high-cycle ternary lithium battery. On the other hand, the performance after five years is not less than 70% of the new car. The LED display of this electric vehicle allows users to switch between various displays quickly. Moreover, you can also choose 15km/h energy-saving mode and 25km/h standard and sports modes. Officially, this electric scooter has a rated power of 300W and a typical battery life of about 20km.

What about the attractive and comfortable design of the ES family, this electric scooter comes with a one-piece metal bending frame. It uses a fine-particle sandblasted coating that provides an outstanding texture. The main components are integrated into the tube. So, there are almost no prominent parts and wiring harnesses.

In other aspects, the No. 9 electric scooter F25 also features BMS management technology. The latter closely monitors the working status of the battery at all times and provides multiple protections.

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