Xiaomi Launches Mobi Galaxy Smart Spinning Bike

Xiaomi has earned a good name in the field of fitness equipment. Just take a look at the sales numbers and popularity of its various generations of treadmills, and you will understand what a huge job the company has done. In fact, there is no secret – it just makes cheaper the same quality products. So people switch to the cheaper products easily. But Xiaomi can’t do everything itself. That’s why it has invested a lot in other companies. So they design high-quality products under Xiaomi brand. The latest Mobi Galaxy smart spinning bike is one of them. It is now on the shelves. Xiaomi has put it in the new crowdfunding at a retail price of 3499 yuan ($493) and a crowdfunding price of 2499 yuan ($352).

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The Mobi Galaxy smart spinning bike is known as the road-level spinning bike. It uses a fever-grade aluminum alloy rear flywheel, which has low starting pressure and is not easy to be injured. It has a suspension body design, V-shaped ergonomic frame, and an adjustable 75mm seat. The latter can be adjustable 5 positions on the front and 10 positions on the seat height.

The Mobi Galaxy smart spinning bike adopts magnetic control resistance + belt transmission, and emits about 30 decibels during operation. The company said that the foot is silent, quiet and does not disturb the neighbors. The entire spinning bike covers an area of ​​about 0.5 square meters, with a net weight of 35kg and a maximum load of 120kg. Mobi Smart Spinning Bike App supports online courses, online competitions, and points redemption.


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