Xiaomi Youpin Launches Crowdfunding For Smart Hula Hoop

Xiaomi Youpin has now started a crowdfunding for a smart slimming hula hoop. It features a motion recognition module, which can sense movements, record the number of laps and calculate the calories consumed. At the same time, it can connect to the app and record a professional video via Bluetooth. The crowdfunding price is 129 yuan ($19). And it is expected to ship on October 15.

Xiaomi smart hula hoop

This hula hoop comes with a somatosensory module, which uses algorithms to record the user’s exercise time and number of laps, calculates the calories burned, and at the same time synchronizes the effect of each exercise to the user’s fitness plan. The user can clearly view it in the app as well as check the progress of the plan.

Xiaomi smart hula hoop

The company said that the somatosensory module of the hula hoop can accurately monitor user actions and give star ratings. The rechargeable battery on the fuselage can drive the somatosensory module to run for 100 minutes when fully charged. It is equivalent to burning 800 kcal.

In terms of software, the app that matches the hula hoop provides training courses of different levels. The advanced user courses are designed by the hula hoop coach Emma Brown who has been professionally instructed by Adidas and Lululemon. New users can use the initial follow-up practice courses to improve their exercise level.

The hula hoop has a detachable design. The body can be disassembled into 8 sections, and the number of sections to be assembled can be selected according to the waist circumference to adjust the diameter of the hula hoop. Within the weight of less than 1kg, the hula hoop still uses high-quality foam with a thickness of 3.5cm to protect the user’s waist and reduce sports injuries.

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