Stone Technology Designed Its Commercial Cleaning Robot

Today, Stone Technology said that the research and development work of its commercial cleaning robot has been completed and is in the testing stage.

Stone said that the commercial sweeping robot is the company’s fund-raising investment and construction project, mainly used in shopping malls, large supermarkets, office buildings, airports and other large indoor spaces.

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As labor costs continue to rise, in the long run, commercial sweeping robots are a category with great potential for development. Stone also places great hopes on the market next year.

Stone commercial cleaning robot

At present, the price of a commercial sweeping robot is generally above 80,000 yuan ($11705).

The current production of Roborock sweeping robots is carried out by commissioned processing. And the main OEMs are Xinwangda and Dongguan Great Wall. The products customized for Xiaomi include Mijia sweeping robot and Mijia sweeping robot 1S. Other models are provided by other suppliers of Xiaomi.

Stone Technology was established in July, 2014. It is a smart home appliance R&D manufacturer specializing in the design, development, production and sales of smart cleaning robots and other smart hardware.

On February 21 this year, Stone Technology successfully landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. This is the first Xiaomi ecological chain company that appeared on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. It is also the third listed company on the Xiaomi ecological chain after Huami and Viomi.

Generally, Stone Technology could make a name for itself. And now, though Xiaomi still has some participation in its management, Stone designs and launches its own cleaning robots.  


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