Tencent Black Shark 3 Pro Chinese Players Version Released

This morning, Black Shark officially announced through Weibo that Black Shark and Li Ning Chinese players jointly launched the customized version of Tencent Black Shark 3 Pro Chinese players. The machine has opened an appointment in Jingdong. The price is 5099 yuan (12GB + 256GB).

The Tencent Black Shark 3 Pro Chinese players customized version has the “Chinese player” logo on the back, and the machine will be officially launched at 10 am on May 14.

The Tencent Black Shark 3 Pro smartphone comes with a 7.1-inch 3120×1440 resolution 10-bit screen. It supports 1.07 billion colors and has a 270Hz touch sampling rate and a refresh rate of 90Hz. Screen Pressure Sensing 3.0 increases the number of pressure-sensing sensors to 4. It supports MEMC intelligent motion compensation technology.

The battery life of Black Shark 3 Pro 3 Pro has a 5000mAh capacity. It adopts a parallel 65W dual battery system. It charges to 50% power in 12 minutes and 100% power in 38 minutes. The 18W back magnetic charging does not occupy the Type-C interface, and the game does not block your hand.

The Black Shark 3 Pro smartphone sports a mechanical game button that can be raised and lowered, providing real press feedback. It will automatically identify the game scene and intelligently lift it. Of course, it automatically falls back when not used. At the same time, this new handset adopts a Snapdragon 865 mobile platform + UFS3.0 flash memory + LPDDR5 storage combination. It supports dual-mode 5G dual-module network + dual-band Wi-Fi 6.


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