Tesla Model 3 Chinese Version Officially On Sale In January

 Recently China’s Industry Ministry has added the Tesla Model 3 Chinese version to the list of recommended electric vehicles. As for now, Tesla has been taking pre-orders for a while. 

 After weeks of waiting on approval from the Chinese government, Tesla will deliver the first Tesla Model 3 Chinese versions in Shanghai on December 30th. The 15 customers who are expecting to get their Model 3s first are Tesla employees. The company says it hopes to begin making public deliveries before the start of the Chinese New Year on January 25th. 

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Tesla began construction on the plant in January 2019 and started making vehicles there in October. According to company plans, Tesla will manufacture about 250,000 cars per year. CEO Elon Musk stated that they are planning to produce up to 3,000 Tesla Model 3 Chinese version per week at the factory. In addition to the Model 3, it also plans to make Model Y crossovers at the plant.

China-built Tesla Model 3 Unveiled In Shanghai

In terms of water and sound insulation, the Tesla Model 3 Chinese version greatly exceeds the American one. The Tesla Model 3 Chinese version is printed with the Chinese word “Tesla” at the end of the vehicle. 

According to analytical and statistical research China could be a significant driver of Model 3 sales starting next quarter. The reason is that in terms of electric vehicles China has the largest market in the world. As a result, Chinese consumers bought approximately 1.3 million new electric vehicles in 2018. Hence the Tesla Model 3 Chinese version is in a good position to succeed in the country and will have huge sales. 

In terms of price, the Tesla Model 3 Chinese version starts at 355,800 yuan.


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