Tesla Shanghai Super Factory Battery Supplier Becomes a Mystery: Panasonic Denies Supply

Panasonic denies plans to cooperate with Tesla to produce batteries at the “Tesla Gigafactory 3” (Gigafactory 3).

According to the reports Panasonic not only supplies batteries for Tesla’s Model S and Model X. However, it also cooperates with Tesla to produce the batteries require for Model 3 in the Nevada Gigafactory 1.

Earlier, there were rumors that Panasonic will cooperate with Tesla to produce batteries in China. However, Panasonic president Tsuga Ihiro deny this. He said there are currently no plans to build a new battery plant in China for Tesla’s China business.

In April this year, Tesla Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elon Musk reveal his dissatisfaction with partner Panasonic. He said that Panasonic’s battery production line at Tesla’s Nevada battery plant has been constraining Model 3 production.

Since Tesla was founded, except for being exclude from the short Tesla Roadster 3.0 battery replacement plan. Panasonic has been the only battery supplier of Tesla, but the situation is rapidly changing now. Panasonic may no longer be Tesla car’s only battery supplier.

According to foreign media, Tesla is about to reach an agreement with several Chinese battery manufacturers on the supply to the “super factory 3”. However, the company will eventually produce its own batteries.

In August this year, people familiar with the matter reveal that Tesla has reach a battery supply agreement with LG team. The world’s second largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer. These batteries will initially be use in the Model 3 produce in the Shanghai super factory. It will be used later in the Model Y. .

Earlier this month, people familiar with the matter reveal that Tesla has reach a preliminary agreement with Ningde Times (CATL). As early as next year, Ningde Times will become a battery supplier for Tesla electric vehicles made in China. Foreign media said that the two companies expects to sign the battery supply agreement by mid-2020.

Recently, Tesla almost confirm that it will produce its own batteries. In May this year, Tesla announce that it had completed the acquisition of battery maker Maxwell. It is speculation that the acquisition is likely relate to Maxwell’s new lithium-ion electrode technology. Later, Tesla also acquire an engineering company that specializes in manufacturing equipment for battery manufacturers.

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