Tesla Wants To Control The Battery Supply Chain Through Mining

According to foreign media reports, at the Tesla shareholders meeting held recently. Musk announced that the company may be involved in the mining of electric vehicles battery mining business.

“Since Tesla is gradually expanding its product lineup and production scale. It is necessary to control the raw material supply chain of electric vehicle batteries. At present, Tesla plans to match the product launch to the factory production scale. Once Tesla plans to expand its product lineup and production scale. Pulling production to a certain level will further deepen the supply chain and enter the mining industry.”

Previously, Musk pointed out that in order to achieve a successful new model. Tesla must produce large-scale lithium-ion batteries. If there is not enough reserve, then there is no point in increasing the type of product.

For many years, Tesla has been cultivating its own battery supply chain to work with suppliers in Mexico and China.

Reports suggests that the high-purity material nickel use in the battery, that is, the first-grade nickel. May be in short supply within five years, mainly due to the growth of consumption in the electric vehicle industry.

Peter Bradford, CEO of nickel manufacturer Independence Group NL, once said: “Tesla is preparing for the construction of a new plant in China. From a strategic supply point of view, Tesla has realized that nickel is the company’s biggest risk. ”

According to foreign media, Tesla plans to establish a “Lithium-ion battery raw material factory” in Indonesia. The two Asian battery suppliers of Ningde Times and LG Chemical also plan to establish factories in this area.

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