The Amazon Rainforest Are Burning From Last Three Weeks

According to Southern Television reported on August 22, Bolivian President Morales announced on August 21 that Bolivia signed a contract with a Boeing 747 “supertanker”. It will help fight the Amazon rainforest fire, and will be put into operation from August 23.

Reports suggests that this aircraft is the world’s largest aircraft, up to 75,000 liters, is the world’s largest air firefighting aircraft.

According to satellite data from the National Space Research Institute of Brazil. The fires in the Amazon rainforest have been burning for 16 days . However, for three weeks, the wildfires did not receive any rescue. No helicopters were use to extinguish the fires. There were no local residents who spontaneously organized firefighting. There were very few reports.

The Amazon region at the junction of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia is the hardest hit by the fire, and the current fire has cause at least 500,000 hectares of forest to be destroyed. As it is currently in the driest period of the climate, the spread of the fire has been strengthened.

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