The Founder Retires Due to Health Issues, Red Cancels the Red Hydrogen Mobile Phone Project

RED Hydrogen first mobile phone has attracted a lot of people’s interest. Because the machine comes from the world-renowned camera company RED. However, the actual performance of the machine is disappointing, there are many reasons, including: 3D screen. Most of them are gimmicks, the module ecosystem has never been realize, the camera is nothing special, and so on. Now, RED has cancelled its mobile phone project because its founder left the company.

RED founder Jim Jannard issued a statement at the Hydrogen User Forum stating that he has been with RED for 45 years and is now 70 years old. It is time to leave the company due to some health problems. Jannard also said that the HYDROGEN project will be close. But the original Hydrogen phone will continue to receive support.

The RED Hydrogen One, price at $1,295, is RED’s first smartphone and now seems to be the last. Launched in 2017. The aircraft promises to adopt bold new technologies such as “holographic displays”, state-of-the-art camera systems and modular accessories. After a series of delays, the phone will eventually be launch in October 2018, but performance mediocre.

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