The Moto One Macro Phone Is Here! Appearance Leaked

The latest mobile phone for the Moto One series has been found on Saudi Arabia’s retail website, but has been removed. The news broke that the mobile phone called Moto One Macro uses a rear-mounted three-camera design. Including a wide-angle of 2 million, a main camera of 13 million, and a depth of field of 2 million. The top of the flash should be a laser. Focus sensor.

Previously, One Macro appeared on the GeekBench website. The website shows that the machine has a single-core score of 1429 and a multi-core score of 5584. This score is very different from the single-core 1451 and multi-core 5470 of the Snapdragon 660. It is not surprising that One Macro will be equipped with the Snapdragon 660 processor. In other respects, the machine runs the Android 9 operating system and is equipped with 2GB of running memory.

In terms of price, the exposure showed that it was listed on the retailer’s Extra website at a price of 899 Saudi Arabian Riyal. The price was about US$240, about RMB1,700.

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