The Old Apple Iphone/Ipad Is Affected, What Is the GPS Time Flip?

Recently, Apple released a technical support article titled “Update iPhone or iPad Software to Avoid Location, Date, and Time Issues,”. It mentions that some iPhone and iPad models released in 2012 and earlier may be subject to “GPS”. The time flipped the effect of the problem, causing an error in the GPS, date and time of the device.

“GPS Time Flip” is a problem that all GPS devices in the world will face. To explain this problem, you need to understand how GPS processes data. Because GPS uses a 10-bit domain to count every week in each message. Encoding, such a counting method also causes the GPS to process up to 1024 weeks (19.7 years). Each of which is called an “epoch” in GPS terminology.

Gps Time Flip

At the end of each epoch, the GPS device resets the number of weeks and begins to recount. While those GPS devices that have not reprogrammed the weekly count reset are likely to experience a “GPS time rollover” problem.

Since the first GPS satellite was put into use, we have already experienced the first epoch. The second epoch closest to us ended on April 6, 2019. In other words, “GPS Time Flip” will affect GPS-enabled products from April 6, 2019. However, related Apple devices will not be affected until 12:00 am on November 3, 2019.

Currently identified models that may be affected include iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation) WLAN + cellular network, iPhone 4s, iPad mini (1st generation) WLAN + cellular network, iPad 2 WLAN + cellular network (only CDMA models only, iPad (3rd generation) wireless LAN + cellular network. iPod touch or iPad models with wireless LAN only, or devices launched after 2012 are unaffected.

The above affected models can be resolved by updating the iOS version. The updated software version number should be iOS 10.3.4 or iOS 9.3.6 (depending on the device).

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