VIVO X30 5G Will Offer Custom Font Generating Function

In recent years, smartphone manufacturers pay more and more attention to smartphone fonts. Before this, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Nut have all launched their own fonts to improve the comfort of the text reading and the beauty of the system. But VIVO seems to have a different approach, with different product ideas to improve the font problem. Today, the VIVO Funtouch OS project manager exposed the font function that will come with the VIVO X30. The font change function will be based on the user’s handwriting.


As can be seen from the display picture, the font written by the user is highly personalized and recognizable. This is also a good function for users who like handwriting. Details of the feature have yet to be announced. However, how many words users need to write to generate it will be a matter of great concern.

The VIVO X30 5G will be released soon. It will use the Exynos 5G chip jointly developed by Samsung and VIVO. It will sport a subsurface light camera with up to 60 times hybrid zoom support.

It is worth noting that in addition to the 60 superzooms, it also uses a new periscope lens. Whether it’s portrait, landscape or close-up shooting, the telephoto lens has a strong sense of space, making the content more prominent.

Also, the official feature video released by Vivo hides the upgrade information of the product in portrait photography. That is 50mm professional portraits are also reminiscent of the most classic 50mm portrait fixed-focus lens in photography.


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