Uber expands into the African market with Ivorian capital

Today in the morning Beijing Time announced that Uber officially entered Abidjan, the commercial center of Ivory Coast. It means that they want to achieve the African market. It is important to mention that in Africa public transport is awful, and people rarely buy cars.

Entering Africa Uber is facing competition from Estonia-based Bolt which takes a smaller cut from drivers and is planning to double its service in South Africa.Uber has already achieved 16 cities in sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa and East Africa). But the firm has come under regulatory pressure in many markets in which it operates. As a result the business faces some limitations in West Africa. 

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What’s even more impressive is that Uber has experimented with new services in Africa. These services include ferries across the lagoon in Nigeria’s problematic megacity of Lagos.

Uber states that it is an excellent decision to establish the business in Abidjan. Being the economic center and commercial capital of the Ivory Coast it has nearly 5 million population. Alon Lits, general manager  for sub-Saharan Africa mentioned, “We are optimistic about the opportunity in Abidjan. Also we committed to enabling meaningful economic opportunities to all licensed taxi operators in the city. Specifically, in Abidjan, our data shows that over 50,000 people have already tried to use the Uber app in the city this past year. This means that for the thousands of taxi operators in Abidjan, there will be new clients for every single driver, in addition to the number they already have now,” Moreover Uber plans to expand its services in Dakar, Senegal.


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